Dr. Maria Montessori

The Montessori Method

Maria Montessori is credited with developing and pioneering the  Montessori philosophy, which today is widely used in student education in Montessori-certified schools.

Practical Life Exercises

Practical Life exercises are designed to prepare the child for real life experiences and to develop the child's independence and self-confidence. The individual exercises develop the child's hand-eye coordination, large and small muscle control, care of self and the environment.

Sensorial Exercises

Sensory exercises focus on curriculum and exercises to introduce the young child to his five senses and assist him in developing these senses to observe and make discoveries in learning.

Language Exercises

Language exercises offer a systematic breakdown of the essential elements of reading and emphasizing the fundamentals of the phonics approach to reading. These exercises develop the child's vocabulary, writing and reading skills. The exercises include a variety of gross and fine motor skill activities that help the child develop hand and eye coordination.

Math Exercises

Math exercises focus on activities and exercises that introduce the child to counting, the numerical symbols, and the four basic mathematical operations. These concepts are introduced to the child through the use of concrete materials. The child obtains a visual concept of the math operations.

Cultural Exercises

This part of our curriculum focuses on exercises that introduce the young child to his environment and culture and then expands to other countries and cultures. This study begins with introducing the child to a series of globes and terms such as continents and oceans, etc. The child furthers his studies with the use of puzzle maps, flags, land forms, classified nomenclature cards and basic science concepts.